No virus problem in this institute! Only individual classes, – no groups!  Student and instructor are more than 2m away from each other!

In these corona times, the Einfeldt Institute offers also…

Distance education / distance learning, – here in this institute, or at home, or in your company!

And we offer In-company teaching and classes for business people here in the institute.

Something about the profile of our classes:

German is part of the more complex languages in Europe. But the rumours about the number of rules and the even higher number of exceptions we have:  You will see that the opposite is true!

In our German courses in Heidelberg we introduce the language in terms of modules: for all parts of the German language, so you will get an appropriate command of this language. – Proceeding in this open and clear approach can even be fun, when you’ve understood the differences between English and German, – and their similarities.

German á la carte

German and English are quite closely related to each other. You will see this in many words, and even in some aspects of the grammar.

The Einfeldt Institute offers individual classes.

Group classes are possible for people who know each other and who are on the same level.