No virus problem in this institute! – Only individual classes, no groups. – Student and instructor are more than 2m away from each other!

Which language is harder to learn, German or English? – It’s German, of course. But there is a mutual advantage on both sides, because the languages (both being of Germanic origin) are closely related to each other and so have a lot of things in common.

But when it  comes to the progressive form (that German does not have, – it has only the simple form), and the specific endings of the adverbs (she sings beautifully), where German has no extra form (-ly), the rest is simply more. What you will learn and understand in the Einfeldt institute step by step.


In our German courses you will see  that the way we teach is novel! We concentrate our German courses very strongly on the linguistic needs of each student, rather than on books. – Whatever kind of problem or question arise, we'll answer them, and practice them immediately.
For our German courses we do not charge a complete course, we only charge the lessons that you really had, in a weekly rhythm.
Do contact us for more information. And you’re welcome to come along for a personal talk on when and how to start one of our German courses here at the Einfeldt Institute in Heidelberg.

German personally

The Einfeldt Institute is building up a segment for parts of the language. There the students may choose the parts of the the laguage they need or what they prefer only. This will be possible here in the institute or remote!